Alarm system RASPBERRY PI, ARDUINO and LoRa RF1276D27

Release time:2019.12.02

This is an alarm system based on a Rapberry Pi acting as alarm center and one or more Arduinos as remote stations. Remote stations communicate with the alarm center through RF1276D27 module.

GPS tracking based on LoRa 169/433/868/915 Mhz

Release time:2019.12.02

GPS module combine with LoRa RF1276 module reach over 10km in the beach

Arduino Project: Going beyond the horizon with LoRa module RF1276

Release time:2016.07.03

This is an HAB(high attitude Ballon) appplication based on a Arduino Pro and GPS module. It adopts LoRa radio module RF1276 as the wireless telemetry.It achieves 4.6km altitude and distance of 56km in the application at the first flight.