Arduino Project: Comparison between Si4463 and Si4432, Why Silicon-lab release the new Si4463?

Release time:2016-07-03

As we know, Silicon-lab released the new sub-G RF IC Si4463. Si4463 is a new generation product in order to alternate Si4432 that is wildly deployed. Does it really have capability to alternate Si4432?

Firstly, We can look into the datasheets of these two different chip. We will list the comparison table for every users to detail the difference.

The aspects we choose are commonly representative. They can determine the performance of the RF chip. Now we emphasize the aspect of Adjacent channel selectivity(Short for ACS). Users usually ignore this aspect.

ACS is the measurement of a receiver´s signal processing. The receiver in question should be able to reject a very strong signal in a different frequency channel while processing the proper signal. ACS is the ability of depression the adjacent invalid signal. ACS can affect the performance of receivers. The ACS of CC1101 is only -10dB.

ACS=Punwanted[dB]-Pwanted[dB]= P unwanted [dB] + 70dB

RX sensitivity, max output power and ACS can determine the performance of RF Chip, especially the LOS(Line of sight). LOS is the most care aspect of RF chip by users. The frequency range can satisfy with many different areas in the world.

From the comparison above, we can conclude that Si4463 is greatly improved compared to Si4432. We suggest users choose Si4463 instead of Si4432.

RF4463 module adopting Si4463 chip

RF4463 is a transparent module based on ISM band designed by Appconwireless. It adopts Si4463 and ST MCU with the max power 100mW. This module can totally alternate the CC11XX serials and Si4432. It is pin to pin compatible with APC220. If you need details, please log in www.